Small Business Services

Solving server or Workstation faults within a small business can become very time consuming. Hours spent trying to solve faults that can often be quickly diagnosed and solved at minimal costs by someone that has years of experience doing just that.

Our workshop and onsite Service Engineers typically, on a day to day basis- Set up and maintain small office networks.

Our other services include:

  • Designing, planning and Implementation of small office and home networks
  • Building and assembling quality Personal Computers and small network servers at very competitive prices
  • Implementation of PC upgrades such as system memory, graphic cards, modems, network cards, DVD etc
  • Operating system installation and configuration
  • Configuring or fixing internet connection faults
  • PC/Laptop on-site or off-site repairs and fixes
  • Fixing/replacing corrupt hard disks
  • Implementation of data security such as securing small office and home networks against malicious attacks, viruses, disk failures etc
  • Customising your desktop environment and software applications according to your specific needs
  • General System Diagnostics
  • Virus Detection & Removal
  • Hard Drive Installation with Data Transfer
  • Creating and setting up internet connection sharing- Use one internet connection for all your computers
  • Removing Spyware, Malware, Pop-up and Malicious Software from your machine